Tuesday, March 1, 2011


A (usually) very pleasant city in the center of West Java. An altitude of 800+ meters above sea level means a perfect climate for human life. It's seldom too hot or too cold.

Bandung has a population of around two million. It's Indonesia's fourth largest city, but can often feel like a small village within one's own subcultures. There are a few hundred foreigners who live in Bandung. They seem to fall into the following categories:

  • Engineer / project-manager types
  • "Native speaker" English teachers
  • Missionaries (many for training in Indonesian language before going out in the bush)
  • Do-gooders (i.e., volunteers, charity organizers)
  • Students
  • Perpetual tourists and retirees

Bandung is a place where foreigners do not usually attract too much attention. One can be left alone if one wants, yet it can be a very friendly place. Some of us think it's the best place in the world !